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60 Day Challenge - 2007
Category Winner
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Kim H.

Growing up I was an active child. There were two activities that I loved: dancing and softball. Both allowed me to burn off excess energy and had good disciplines that have helped me throughout my life. Being involved in those two loves has made me competitive. It has also made me a survivor. Play injured was a mantra of both my dancing teacher and my softball coaches. So, I am not a quitter.

From the ages of 5 to 26, I was a student of dance. To this day, whenever music plays my feet can't help but move. Starting in ballet, I progressed to tap, jazz, ethnic dancing, belly dancing and finally to ballroom dancing. In the beginning days my teacher admonished me to stand up tall, stomach in. Then we learned the "form" of first, second, third, fourth and firth positions along with graceful hands. My teacher taught from experience, hers. She was a good instructor. It took me years to realize that form is so very important. Without it your moves do not look graceful. Without it you are but moving. And I loved to dance, gracefully.

Softball was also a love of mine. I played, recreationally, from age 12 to age 29. Whether playing offense or defense I found that softball also had it forms; rules for the purpose of learning necessary skills well. My favorite form tip was being disciplined… waiting for the right pitch, marking my timing and then swinging level, all while keeping my eye on the ball and shifting my weight, for a hit. When done properly the results were noticeable; possibly even home run quality. What exhilaration!

My former years as a dancer and softball player remind me of T-Tapp. While there is no music and you do not twist and turn in the air, and there is no object to watch spinning toward your head or glove, there are the huge elements of FORM and DISCIPLINE. After only a few T-Tapp workouts I heard Teresa echoing in my mind; "Stand, feet not too far apart, tuck butt, shoulders back, tummy in, no big toe, etc." Those form tips that Teresa repeats are important elements to the entire workout. They are what make T-Tapp unique. I appreciate that Teresa puts a lot of energy and thought into her workouts - that is why they are so effective. Also, being disciplined to workout out at least every other day is important for me, for my health.

In January of 2002 I was diagnosed with high blood sugar and given a month to bring it down or start shots. I called my friend Carol for prayer. Carol explained that she had gone from a size14 to size 5 since the previous August just by "Tapping." Well, loving dance, I was intrigued and asked for more information. T-Tapp was not dancing but the next best thing… a fitness program that works. Luckily for me, the next month Teresa was scheduled to be in Chicago for a workout. I attended. While I could not do many of the exercises, it was evident that Teresa knows the body and how it works. What she said made so much sense! She was not just trying to sell her product, she cared and it showed. But would T-Tapp work for me?

Happily it did! By my doctor's appointment in August, my blood sugar levels were in range, I was stronger and had dropped from size 24 to 18. T-Tapp worked!!! I was elated and thankful. Unfortunately, a week later I began a three-month span of coughing followed by several other health issues. During this time my workouts were sporadic but I maintained a size 18 until September 2003.

Unfortunately, in September I took a bad spill. I was dancing in the park, doing the funky slide, when I slipped on the wet grass. It was a bad fall. I hit a picnic table, ribs first, bounced around a few times and landed all fours embarrassed and in pain. My entire body was jarred and five weeks later my doctor informed me that I had dislocated my hip and radial bones. After much therapy and an MRI later, it was discovered that I had a spinal cord injury. Workouts came to a stop, my blood sugar and my cholesterol levels became elevated. When the doctor finally found a medicine that worked for the nerve pain I was able to begin, once again, my T-Tapp workouts.

I began tapping again in May 2004. My start was slow but strong. Beginning with Sit Down, I quickly progressed to Basic Plus, Arms and even to Walk Away the Inches with weighted shoes. My energy level increased, muscle adhesions decreased (per my massage therapist) and my back got stronger.

Then in June, Carol informed me about the first "Get Fit" contest to held. I entered. As a dancer and softball player I had learned to play injured but my most recent fall had struck me down and out. Because I had seen the benefits of T-Tapp I knew in my heart that I could once again achieve those results. I did have success, I lost 39.5 inches in those two months and my blood work was really good... Then, just 5 days prior to the end of the contest I was in another accident. I was frustrated at yet another time of sitting the bench.

That accident caused me to concentrate on recovery for the past almost 3 years. All my muscles nearly atrophied when it got cold that first winter after the accident. It's been a long journey back but I am not a quitter and am determined 2 B Fit Again. I know that T-Tapp is the answer.

This past winter after a good physical therapy session I began on the NuStep machine and hanging and walking in a heated pool. That was the extent of my exercising but it was something. As the weather gets warmer the pain usually decreases some. So, when it got warmer I decided to begin with the Sit Down T-Tapp, once again. It was successful in giving me a little more stamina so I decided to try the MORE workout. It was difficult but after a few weeks I was able to do most of the workout, with a few pauses.

Then came the announcement, on the forums, that the 60-Day Challenge was to begin in May…perfect timing. I'm competitive so contests motivate me. Having to be accountable through keeping a diary is a good thing and helps me see my progress. I also joined the forum "Habit Formers" for another accountability partner.

I entered the fitness challenge thinking that I would not make as much progress as I had 3 years ago. After all, I was only able to do the MORE tape this time. Today, as I took my measurements and weighed I was pleasantly surprised. I'm thrilled. I did not lose quite as many inches or pounds as in 2004. But, I got much closer than I dreamed possible. MORE is a great workout and has not only helped me lose 33.5 inches and 7.8 pounds but has helped recondition my back, legs, shoulders and arms. My strength and stamina are increased. My pain level has decreased… which is amazing. I have been able to reduce my medicines. Last week when I had a cold it only stopped me for 3 days instead of 2 to 3 weeks. I occasionally use the BioMeasure at my fitness center. When I first started the competition my fat index was 48% and at the end of the fitness challenge it is 46%.

T-Tapp takes care of the whole package, the entire body. Getting fit through exercise, great skin care and nutrition. Through brushing and taking the Alfalfa my skin is not sagging as I lose inches and that is exciting. Plus two times after doing a salt soak and using the Skin and Face Oil I had people ask me what I do to my skin; they said it looks "vibrant." Same word from two different people… what a testimony.

I look forward to continuing on this journey, to gain strength, stamina, flexibility and great looking skin : ) This contest was simply a catalyst to my journey 2 B Fit Again, to be lighter on my feet or maybe to be Dancing In The Stars. Thank you, Teresa!











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