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All New Testimonials from Real Women who have had Real Results

You will find some inspiring examples of what you can accomplish with the T-Tapp Total System in this section of our website. We have listed some of the letters and comments we have received and we will also be highlighting the long-term success of some of the T-Tapp Club Members.

We will be expanding this section to include many of the testimonials and success stories we receive on a daily basis. If you have a success story or would like to tell us how you have benefited using the T-Tapp Total System, or another T-Tapp product or exercise, please let us know. Drop us a line, email, or a fax. We would love to hear from you!

Success Stories From all over...

It's been 2 months since I started the T-Tapp workout I've lost 21 inches and 10 lbs. Inch- wise I'm close to where I was 12 yrs ago (and 4 pregnancies) after working out 5x a wk at a gym for a year. You gave it me in 2 mos! Now after 4 mos I've lost a total of 30" and 17 lbs. The CRT system is awesome- in 1 wk I lost all the bumps on upper thigh and decreased those on back significantly. And after losing 30" I have absolutely no loose skin. I never thought at my age I could regain skin elasticity. Now my husband is starting your program! Carol Mohr, Holland, MI

I lost 4" in the first week and at the end of 2 weeks my total inch loss is 14.25! Leonor Oliveria., Salt Lake City, UT

I lost 6 " in two wks (2" from the waist!) I am nearly where I was when modeling and before 2 children! Best of all, my fanny is back up .no more hanging down. Thanks for encouraging me to pursue modeling again - I thought I was past my "prime".Melissa Poe, Dallas, TX


Margie Weiss, before & after 48, R.N., L.M.T. Palm Harbor, FL

"At 48, it was harder for me to lose weight. Being a single mom of a teenage daughter and owning a Massage Center left little time for me. But I could do the T-Tapp Workout at home and I got results fast. I lost 5 7/8" in 5 days, 12" in 3 weeks, and a total of 27" in 3 months. Within 4 months I lost a total of 25 lbs. Now it is easy to maintain a size 6 with just 2 workouts a week. The CRT Skin Tightening System tightened my skin and removed my cellulite. Look at my legs - I don't even need to wear hose! I am so happy. I feel great!"

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After my hysterectomy I went from size 8 to 12. I'm a trainer and have been in fitness/weight training for over 10 yrs-needless to say I've tried everything possible over the last 4 yrs to get the weight off. Your system is the 1st thing that worked - in 2 mos I've gone from size 12 to 8! Emily Richter, LA, CA

I lost 1 inch from my hips and inch off each thigh in 2 wks just by doing Diva Derriere and Awesome Legs- Your exercises really get results! Earlene Swafford, OH

I never thought I could wear size 6 petite at 137 lbs! In 7 wks I'm firm, cut and cellulite is all gone. My butt is higher, firmer and my lower tummy (which was really droopy) is back up where it belongs ( I'd been considering a tummy tuck) Thanks! Cynthia Anderson, NY, NY

My arms have never been this cut in my life! In 2 wks I got rid of my bra overhang! My skin has never felt so tight and my cellulite is nearly gone! Your workout is completely different than all others; I own over 60 videos - now after 8 wks my cellulite is completely gone & my tummy is complete flat after my C-section 4 yrs ago. Thanks! Deb Escoto., Riverside, CA

I've been doing CRT system for over 3 wks now and I'm truly impressed. I think you've given a tremendous gift to the women of today and you should be applauded for this. It is amazing what it has done to my body - my skin is softer, more supple and fit. Stephanie Buckley, Coral Springs, FL

In 2 wks I lost 2" from waist, 1" from hips and 4 lbs. I love this program and I've learned so much. Thank you for teaching us the "how" and "why"- your program is practical and makes common sense. Sira Sukljian, Troy, NY

I'm a ballet dancer and I've been doing the T-Tapp workout now for several months and I am very impressed with the results. My body fat has dropped 16.6% to 14.4%, my thighs have slimmed and my fanny has toned. It's nice to find someone who knows a lot about women and their fitness needs. Coral Israel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

At 36 started to see some loss of muscle tone even though I'm a very fit and athletic person. I'm a farrier and endurance rider and take care of 5 horses on my private farm. My muscles tend to get bulky but your program has made them lean. After 2 wks of doing your Total System I lost " off my chest, " off my waist and gained " on my fanny but I attribute that to getting it to "stand up" since it tends to be flat. I think it is wonderful that you encourage women to stop staring at the scales and start looking at their body shape instead. Sarah Engsberg, Fairburn, GA

I'm actually seeing improvements in my cellulite (I have a lot so I don't expect it to go away overnight) I've only been doing PBS and CRT for 3 wks but I'm excited because this is the only thing I've ever tried that has done anything. N.S., Brooklyn, NY

I've tried so many exercise videos over several years but T-Tapp videos are the best - I actually donated all my other tapes to the library. No one ever told me I looked like a dancer until I started doing your tape. I really love your workout and your philosophy. It makes common sense. Juanita Timm, Chicago, IL

I've been an exercise instructor for over 15 yrs (thru 2 pregnancies). At 40 weight training and running started to give me bulk. Now I'm a "t-tapp junkie" - your program has improved my posture, streamlined my appearance and my proportions have improved. I lost in my waist and my thighs. Thanks for a terrific workout program. Carol Case, Dakota Dunes, SD

After doing your workout 4 days in a row, I lost " in my waist - amazing to actually see results that quick. I'm also doing the CRT system and my saddlebags show improvement too. Thanks for developing a program that works. Christina Shakleton, Plymouth Meeting, PA

I've gotten incredible results with the T-Tapp Total System and I vow never to waste my time on any other. Thank you so very much! Mindy Caron, Saco, ME

I belong to a gym and workout 5 days a wk and consider myself to be in excellent shape yet after incorporating your routine into my daily workout I've noticed a difference in just 2 weeks! Your workout works! June Clark, Las Vegas, NV

The T-Tapp system has been working great for me for the past 8 months! I've always worked out, but have never felt like my body has been as aligned. T-Tapp has given me aa muscle core I've never achieved with weights, cardio or even pilates! I'm so glad I found your system. Jennifer Crum, Hendersonville, TN

T-Tapp's workouts, skin brushing and supplements are great. I really appreciate all the instruction Teresa takes to time to show in these workouts. I've never seen exercise tapes like these before. Cindy Casella, Millberry, MA

I grew up taking taking ballet, tennis, golf, swim lessons and always been active. I'm amazed at what a wonderful workout I get with T-Tapp. I can't explain why but her workout works better than everything else I've tried aside from 3 hrs of ballet, 6 days a wk. Julie Barecki., New Orleans, LA

Initially I lost 50 lbs and 42 inches in from size 18 to 10 in 11wks - its been 9 months; I only gained 2 lbs and inches are the same. AND after 3rd month I only do the workout once a week! Holli Green, Trussville, AL

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